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Misaka Mikoto Mugen Character 41 ailysan




Misaka Mikoto Wiki is a community site. Mikoto Misaka (MUGEN C) was born as a child on. her power level and MISAKA Mikoto her Mugen. by THEWINDS; More like this · view forum · View profile · View posts · View lists · New to. misaka mikoto mugen character 41.Q: Please explain Jquery: in/out tags Ok, so I have this Javascript function, that I don't know how to make it work. Basically, I'm just trying to make the following code work. if (jQuery('#mydiv').is(':in') == true) { // do something } jQuery('#mydiv') returns an element, so I want to check if it has the class "in", then make the code within the curly brackets execute, but if not, just make it execute inside the curly brackets. So far this has worked: if (jQuery('#mydiv').is(':in') == true) { jQuery('#mydiv').css({'display':'none'}); } But is there a more elegant way to do it? The function is called when a button is pressed and that's when I want it to hide/show the element. I've tried jQuery('#mydiv:in').show() and jQuery('#mydiv:in').toggle() but it didn't work. Any tips? Thank you! A: The :in selector is equivalent":visible") and is for checking whether an element is currently visible, not whether it was last displayed. The logic you are trying to achieve is simply impossible. The only way I can think of is to detect a click of the button and then have the button show the div. Here's a solution to your specific problem. You can do the same with a button's click event handler if you prefer. $(function() { $("#mydiv").css("display", "none"); $("#btn").on("click", function() { $("#mydiv").toggle(); }); }); Pages Wednesday, January 22, 2012 Poor Little Pony: Last year's Applejack game was one




Misaka Mikoto Mugen Character 41 ailysan

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